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The Facts and the Advantages of the Advanced Driving Test
Some information and facts to demonstrate why there is a need for an Advanced Driving Test and the advantages that can be gained by becoming an Advanced Motorist.

Facts and Figures about Road Accidents 
Traffic Accidents account for the largest single cause of death and injury for young adults.
If you have had an accident in one 3 year period, you are twice as likely to have another accident in the next 3 years.
A driver attitude which predisposes one to greater risk is the illusion of control, or over-estimating one's ability.
Drivers who speed often (ie. exceed the speed limit) have about 3 times the accident risk of those who speed infrequently.
In more than 90% of traffic accidents, human error is the cause; accidents do not just happen by chance, they are the consequence of unsafe driving practice.
Accidents on single carriageways are four times more likely to be fatal as those on Motorways.
Familiarity with a particular stretch of road doesn't appear to help reduce accidents: a majority happen within five miles of home.