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Fujairah National Driving Institute

FNDI offers an organized manner in which an individual can register and obtain their driving license within a very short period of time coupled with the individual receiving exceptional training skills. FNDI harbours qualified Instructors with the same level of dedication and commitment as does EDI. The instructors come from the same countries as our students and are able, therefore, to instruct students in their primary language, making the learning experience a friendly experience. FNDI standards are set at International levels and our driving tuition methods are continuously updated to make use of the latest driving techniques. Our international partners play a major role in ensuring we are kept in touch with leading edge driving & testing tuition developments. In relation to ensuring our services



Our Clients say about us

  • Not just an Institute of Training but a complete school of learning great Driving Skills

    Aamir A Khan  Student

  • I am very very Thankful to Allah  almighty , merciful and powerful because I got Driving license from Fujairah National Driving Institute

    Khan Amjad Khan  Student

  • This is very good school i loved it thanks to every FNDI staff very very thanks to Alma 

    Ranith Reddy  Student

  • Let me tell you guys. The whole my experience was amazing . People are nice especially Examiner they are pretty amazing. Of course if you are not ready to drive they will fail you . I have got my license on first attempt.

    Htet Wai Soe Revin  Student



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